Do You Often Feel Frustrated or Anxious About Personal Relationships?

Maybe your current relationship with an intimate partner, close friend, or family member feels difficult and strained, leading to disappointment or anger more often than excitement and support. Or maybe you are dissatisfied with the amount of quality relationships in your life and wish you could more effectively foster new ones. Perhaps you are carrying unresolved pain from key relationships in the past, and you feel unable to completely trust or open up to others.

We all desire stable and mutually supportive relationships with key people in our lives. Whether you are struggling to navigate conflict in an existing relationship or wondering how to build relationships with new people, do you wish you could be seen fully for who you are and enjoy strong relationships centered on respect, kindness, and care?

Many People Struggle to Sustain Healthy and Fulfilling Relationships

Major life events are often the impetus for relationship challenges and increased anxiety. Maybe a recent ending of a relationship has left you feeling anxious. Or, maybe your work or family life has been increasingly stressful lately, and you feel irritable, unsure, and uncomfortable around others. And those of us who work from home or in high-pressure jobs can feel especially impacted.

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The good news is that you don’t need to wait around for society and other people to change; instead, you can focus on your own personal empowerment. In my work with men and women, I offer the support and guidance needed to work through your relationship vulnerabilities, overcome social anxiety, increase your emotional intelligence, and practice robust interpersonal skills. I can help you feel empowered to discover and nurture the meaningful social relationships you most desire.

Therapy Can Help You Address and Resolve Relationship Challenges

In our work together, I will draw on nine years of experience as a counselor and fifteen years of mindfulness practice to help you develop the skills and capacities you need to attain ease, comfort, and stability in your relationships. If you feel frustrated by a lack of communication in relationships, I will work with you to develop better ways to express yourself. To communicate our authentic feelings and needs is often a vulnerable act. But, with skill development and practice, you will gain the confidence you need to speak clearly, listen attentively, and thrive in your relationships.

I know how important it is for you to choose a therapist that you feel comfortable talking with, so I invite you to book a free, 20-minute phone consultation: here. Or, contact me directly to schedule a time, or to ask questions:, or (510) 761-9818. Read on to learn more about how I can help with particular relationship challenges. Also, please read my About page for a more in-depth description of my therapeutic style.

Dive in and in…
as deep as you can dive.
Be infinite, ecstatic truth.
Be love conceived and born in union.
Be exactly what you seek.
— Dana Faulds

Specialties for Individuals

  • Mindfulness Therapy, including Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Therapy

  • EMDR Therapy for trauma

  • Social anxiety

  • Depression

  • Frustration with dating

  • Recent breakups or divorces

  • Grief and loss

  • Gender and sexual identity concerns

  • Abandonment and trust issues

  • Alcohol and drug abuse

  • Loneliness

  • Anxiety attacks

  • Anger

  • Low self-esteem

Evolution can no longer be held by the idea of “survival of the fittest;” it is more appropriately “survival of the most connected.” Yuval Noah Hari

Therapy for Women

As a woman living in America, is your life impacted by unjust social dynamics? Maybe gender norms transmitted to you in childhood about physical appearance and career choice cause you to place unreasonable expectations on yourself as an adult? Or, perhaps you experienced major breaches of trust from men in your past, and now you have a hard time feeling comfortable and confident at work or in relationships? Experiences like these and others like them may have made it necessary to develop protective tactics to stay emotionally and physically safe from disingenuous people. While protective tactics learned in your past might work well in some social contexts, others may create barriers to the meaningful and caring relationships you desire for you life.

The beauty of therapy is that it enables people to recognize ineffective protective tactics and relational wounding, and to adopt more effective ways of relating in an unjust world. For some women, working together with an emotionally validating and encouraging male therapist will provide an essential opportunity to recognize and heal old relationship wounds.

Therapy for Men

Parents, peer groups, and mainstream media often teach men that emotions are “irrational,” and that asking for needs in relationships is a sign of weakness. But the truth is quite the opposite - learning to recognize and express a full range of emotions and relational needs can raise your confidence and help you thrive in your relationships. In adult relationships, open and honest expression of needs and emotions is the key for building trust and commitment.

In our work together in therapy, you’ll learn to better understand your emotions, and communicate them effectively, so that you can create the meaningful and lasting relationships you desire. I’m very familiar with the range of men’s issues in our modern world, and will provide you with the gentle care and guidance you need to develop robust relationship skills.

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There Is Another Way

In our work together, my aim is to help you identify ways that social systems and family environments blocked your true essence; identify how unmet needs and breaches of trust in your past relationships led to emotional vulnerabilities and stuck patterns in present-day relationships; and, ultimately, to replace your emotional vulnerabilities and stuck relational patterns with more healthy and effective ways of managing relationships. With guidance and support, you can create the fulfilling and lasting relationships you most desire.

I invite you to book a free, 20-minute phone consultation: here. Or, contact me directly to schedule a time, or to ask questions:, or (510) 761-9818. Often the best fitting therapist is the one you feel most comfortable talking with. Feel free to ask questions about how I can help you, and about my practice in Berkeley, CA (one block North of Oakland). Day and evening hours are available.