Ryan Hoffman, MFT (bayareaholisticpsychotherapy.com) - Ethosynthesis Interview

Ryan is a psychotherapist who works in private practice in Berkeley and San Francisco, CA. In this interview, he describes the ways he uses mindfulness and somatic interventions with his clients. He emphasizes his work with couples, and gives examples of ways he helps them regulate their emotions and nervous systems in service of better understanding each other. Throughout the interview, Ryan highlights the importance of integrating techniques to meet each client’s unique needs, and the importance of bringing attention to the spiritual and transpersonal aspects of the therapeutic process. He concludes the interview with a reflection on personal practices that support his overall wellbeing.

This video is part of Ethosynthesis: A video blog integrating diverse perspectives from SF Bay Area psychotherapists and mindfulness teachers. Topics of discussion include psychology, personal growth, mindfulness, neuroscience, eastern philosophy, healing trauma, and much more. Hosted by Tim Holtzman, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor # 5452, www.timholtzmantherapy.com

The current video series focuses on mindfulness and somatic-based forms of psychotherapy. Each interviewee will share her or his unique perspective on questions such as: How do mindfulness and somatic-based interventions increase the effectiveness of psychotherapy compared to more traditional forms of psychotherapy? And what specific interventions do each of the therapists use to bring about desired change and growth in clients?

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