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“All the arts we practice are apprenticeship. The true art is our own life.” Mary Richards

Somewhere inside you, there is a calm and confident part of you that is most aligned to who you truly are. A true self that is very clear on what you want out of your life; clear on what your core values and passions are in the world; and clear on what you most want and need out of key relationships. Our work together is to help you stay as connected as possible to this place of true self, even amidst the many day-to-day stressors of modern life.

In my work with Individual Adults and Couples, I use nine years of counseling experience and fifteen years of mindfulness training to help you develop the social-emotional capacities and inner well-being you need to thrive in your relationships and career. 

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Individual Therapy

In my work with individuals, I offer mindfulness and somatic therapy, EMDR therapy for trauma, and therapy for relationship challenges. With mindfulness therapy, I set you up in a powerful state of mindfulness during therapy sessions. And through the use of mindfulness, you’ll have enhanced perceptive abilities to help you uncover deep insights about your emotional tendencies and habitual behaviors.

With therapy for relationship challenges, I help you improve your ability to attain and sustain fulfilling relationships. I specifically help you overcome one or more relationship challenges such as social anxiety, depression, shyness, frustration with dating, recent breakups or divorces, grief and loss, gender and sexual identity, abandonment/ trust issues, lack of communication skills, loneliness, anxiety attacks, anger, and low self-esteem.

Couples Therapy

With couples therapy, I help you reestablish the close emotional and physical bond that first ignited you and your partner’s cherished union. Using an effective and well-researched approach called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), I help you navigate common challenges, such as lack of intimacy, lack of communication, trust and abandonment issues, excessive arguments, and pressure/ disagreements about key life decisions.

An Exciting Time for Personal Growth and Emotional Healing

Now more than ever before in history, neuroscience and advanced research designs are revealing which psychotherapeutic techniques and life practices create significant and lasting psychological changes. It’s an exciting time to be alive for those of us who value personal development!

During therapy, we’ll use some of the newest and most effective techniques available, in order to maximize your healing and growth. My style is warm, supportive, and highly collaborative. I’m very transparent about the techniques we use in the therapy room. And I make it a priority to regularly check-in with you about how certain segments of sessions effect you, and whether you find specific techniques helpful or not.

I invite you to explore my website, and to book a free, 20-minute phone consultation here. Or, contact me directly to schedule a time or to ask questions: (510) 761-9818. You can ask any questions you might have about mindfulness therapy, relationship challenges, social anxiety therapy, couples therapy, and my practice in downtown San Francisco, CA and Berkeley, CA (one block North of Oakland). Day and evening hours are available.